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Premium Ash Firewood.
UK FSC sourced kiln dried Ash firewood. This has a low moisture content of below 20%.
Each log is cut to 9 – 10 inch lengths giving you just the right size log for a long lasting burn. Ash the KING of firewoods!


Get the fire started with some dry kindling.

Large nets: £3.00

Not always necessary, but can be essential at times?
£1.00 per box.

Birch logs

Large 25kg bags of multiheat smokeless coal.
Ideal for keeping the multifuel burner going all night!
£12.50 per 25kg bag

Heatlogs are a cleaner and greener alternative to other fuels as they are carbon neutral. This means that the carbon released from the briquettes when they burn is equivalent to the carbon absorbed during the growth of the wood.Our briquettes are made in Herefordshire from locally sourced, environmentally friendly and 100% clean, recycled sawdust and wood waste. As a result, there are no impurities or additives in our briquettes. The sawdust and wood waste for our heat logs is dried lowering the moisture content to approximately 6% and then compressed to form very dense briquettes. Consequently they burn for much longer and hotter than seasoned firewood, producing about 18kj of heat per gram.

£5.00 per 10kg box.


All prices include vat @ 5%. We can now take card payments on delivery(2% surcharge on credit cards only)